ENE.HUB is a fully integrated Smart City Infrastructure provider with operations in Australia and the USA. ENE.HUB plans, funds, builds, maintains and manages connected networks of SMART.NODE.  The SMART.NODE is a light pole system that invisibly accommodates the following functions: Wi-Fi, 4G / 5G; data-capture; smart wireless LED street, roadway, area lighting and floodlights / spotlights; banner arms; decorative beacons (RGB light); CCTV; speakers and community messaging; electric vehicle charging (EVC) and parking management. They also provide events power outlets (GPOs) and traditional smart pole functions such as signage, traffic and lighting. 
My task was to develop a brand identity for ENE.HUB which visually captured ENE.HUB’s vision, also referring to the innovation and new technology of the business. I made a lot of sketches before the final conclusion, and together with the client selected the symbol as three horizontal lines with Wi-Fi arches as the identity. The three lines make up an E - the initial of ENE.HUB. The three lines also refer to the modular system of SMART.NODETM.
It was a challenging and exciting journey to build a website for ENE.HUB. My aim was to create a simple-to-navigate, story-telling homepage outlining what ENE.HUB offers. For each smart city function I created an icon as a visible and accessible button on the website, giving quick and direct access to the relating sub-page. I utilised these icons in print materials as well. I used photographs I had taken on ENE.HUB’s sites, for example, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Canada Bay in Sydney and I worked with a web developer to implement the responsive design. I provided design for desktops, tablets / Ipads and mobile devices.
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